A Chief, a Tail-Maker and 1001 Professions

Age 2 - 8
Children book

Do you know what a young, prehistoric child sitting by the cave thought about? Almost the same thing you might be thinking about: What should I be, a hunter? A cave painter painting bisons? A dinosaurs’ herdsman? It was a big decision back then too, but even more so now – and much more than can be explained here, for instance... As for what is written in this book, you will see for yourself, as soon as you turn the page.

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If you like your work, it is even more enjoyable than play.
I think, you might have thought or even asked sometime: ‘Will I still play after I grow up?’ In fact, we, grown-ups do not play much; we are busy working. But if we like our work, it is even more enjoyable than play – as if instead of hard work you’ve been running round the yard all day long and are the happiest person in the world!  
Do whatever you like most
You must do whatever you like most, whatever you are good at gives you pleasure. Someone might find joy in treating animals, another – in cooking or operating a submarine.

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