How Shenia was created

We are two friends with lots of interests and values, though whatever concerns children, is of highest concern for us both. The inspiration for the embodiment of our ideas were two little creatures, most precious for us – the two year old Masho and 9 year old Nikoloz. Initially, the whole thing started from sharing our experience referring communication with children: age peculiarities, childish curiosities, strange behavior and countless questions to which we ourselves couldn’t find proper answers. All this made us think about working out some kind of different approach, some means that would enable the little ones to better comprehend the world, perceive the people surrounding them, the whole environment --what is right and wrong, what is good and evil. The search of these ways led us to the creation of these personified children’s books.


The little ones themselves are the protagonists of the fairy-tales; they travel in the magic world of goodness and love, which is as essential for their development, for their way of thinking and cognition, as vitamins A, B, C, and D. While taking this journey, they adopt necessary values, effortlessly acquire new habits and get a feeling that they are the most important and precious human beings.


This Book is for You, that is how the authors of the book address our younger friends and invite them to step into their own, amazing adventure.