Terms and conditions

Any interested physical person who wants to use the Webpage: www.shenia.com (“site”) must get acquainted and agree with the contract terms. Before using the webpage we ask you to carefully review the terms given in the contract.  After logging in you automatically find yourself within the frames of the contract which means that you agree to be bound by the terms presented in the contract.The parties of the introduced contract represent Ltd “Shenia” (hereafter – ‘Agency’) and any physical person (hereafter—‘Person’) who will place an order via this webpage.


Article 1. Subject of the contract

Filling out the corresponding fields of the webpage enables Person to place an order for personified books (hereafter ‘Products’).


Article 2. Login Terms

Before placing an order Person is obligated to log in to the Webpage.

2.1. Any physical person who is a citizen of Georgia is entitled to log in to the Webpage.

2.2. A physical person who is 18 years old (and over) and who is considered to be legally capable according to the “Georgian Civil Code”, fills out the following fields in the login form: “first name”, “family name”, “personal number” (11-figures national identity personal number), also  “email address”, “mobile phone number” and “password”.

2.3 Following the aforementioned, the user accepts the offered contract by means of “Log in”.


Article 3. Orders and Specifications

3.1. Following the login procedure, in order to exercise your order, you must follow the instructions for the order. The order will be considered as accepted only after you receive a message confirming your order. 

3.2. Delivery of the product will be made to the address indicated by you, and you are believed to be responsible for its accuracy.

3.3. The agency guarantees maximum conformity of the colours of product placed on the website with the colours of the printed version; however, we cannot guarantee its exact coincidence with the variant presented on your monitor/VDU or mobile phone. 

3.4. The agency cannot be found liable for the accuracy of information given by ‘Person’, concerning any damage inflicted during the process of creation of personified products, any damage made to the product after delivery, for the inherent risk of Internet usage, or any damage or virus that may be infecting your computer appliance or other property while using or browsing the site.

3.5. Contracting charges are made according to the rules prescribed by the current Georgian law.

3.6. Service charges embrace all the taxes prescribed by law of Georgia and is paid into the bank account of the agency.

3.7 The cost of delivery of the ordered product depends on the location of the recipient. The cost of delivery within Tbilisi constitutes 5 GEL, and for the outskirts of Tbilisi and regions -- 10 GEL. Purchased items will be delivered within 5 workdays. Prices may differ during holidays due to the excessive demand on courier services.


Article 4. Regulations for the reimbursement of service paid and the right to cancel and order.

4.1. The price paid is fully reimbursed if:

a) The agency, in the event of legitimate grounds, refuses to carry out the service;

b) If the delivered product is inadequate to the order as a result of the agency’s culpable action.

4.2. In accordance with the contractual cases given in the sub-clause “a” of the clause 4.1. of this article, the agency will inform the interested party/person in advance, within 5 workdays that it is incapable to carry out the service  and will reimburse fully for the cost of service.

 4.3. In case it is contracted by the “b” sub-clause of the 4.1. clause of this article, the full reimbursement for the cost of service is carried out on the basis of the application of the interested person. The application must be presented within 2 calendar days. On the expiration of this term, the cost paid is not subject to reimbursement.


Article 5. Rights and obligations of the parties

5.1. The Agency is entitled:

5.1.1. to change the terms of the contract at any time. These alteration/s will be enforced only after they are placed on the webpage;

5.1.2. to interrupt any kind of service due to an error, inaccuracy, illegal activities or because of other reasons caused by Person, or other causes which may in any way damage the webpage or the agency itself;

5.1.3. to suspend or prevent Person’s authorization and login to the webpage, if it believes that the person is acting unrightfully;

5.1.4. to control all the actions on the side of the person and take adequate measures if the agency discovers any kind of infringement;

5.2. The Agency is obligated:

5.2.1. to adhere to the terms of the contract.

5.3. Person is entitled:

5.3.1. to place an order on the webpage;

5.3.2. to update his/her personal data;

5.4. Person is obligated:

5.4.1. to pay the cost of service;

5.4.2. to place flawless information on the webpage for the delivery of the ordered product.

5.4.3. to not mislead the interested person by way of publishing wrong   information;

5.4.9. not to pass his/her personal account to another client;

5.5. The agency reserves the right to cancel the information and/or Person’s account on the webpage.


Article 6. Responsibility of the parties

6.1. Person is responsible for any kind of information placed by him.

6.3. The agency is not responsible for terminal discontinuation of or interference in the functioning of the webpage, though it takes all possible measures to avoid such interruptions.

6.4. In case of a failure or improper fulfillment of the contractual responsibilities, the parties are legally accountable to the Georgian law.

6.4. In case the parties fail to fulfill or improperly fulfill their responsibilities, they are liable for the damage caused according to the Georgian law.


Article 7. Confidentiality

7.1. Person is responsible for any actions committed on his behalf, or via his password.

7.2. Forgery of the parameters given in the 2nd article of this contract is prohibited and is subject to responsibility according to the current law.

7.3. Person is obligated not to reveal information about his/her password. If due to various reasons the Person’s password is made known to another person, the Person must change it.  

7.4. The agency does not pass personal information of Person to third parties, except for the cases prescribed by the Georgian law.


Article 8. Current Law

8.1. The contractual relationships are regulated by the Georgian law.

8.2. Any disagreement that may arise between the parties must be solved by means of negotiations, and if it is not the case, the parties will go to court.


Article 9. Supplementary terms

The agency carries out delivery of any information via sending it to the electronic address or mobile phone number of the Person, which is regarded as an official notification.